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I feel like a new woman today, this morning i felt abit grimey, sore and swollen but this afternoon ive felt amazing. (i’ll prob be eating my own words tomorrow but right now im going to relish in the moment!!)

Ive managed to eat some (soft) dinner pain free, i ate some crisps…pain free and have coughed…PAIN FREE!!

Its a bloody miracle! God bless you whom ever is looking over me, you’ve heard my prayers that this pain will bugger off. Dont get me wrong, my throat still feels swollen and odd, but painless/numb. And no before you ask i have overdosed on my medications either.

Roll on tomorrow, i can finally see the light and it is shinging bright!


Its been a week today since the op……

I slept really well lastnight, waking only once at around 2:50am to take some medication. It was so nice to sleep that well, to be honest it was just what i needed. Ive managed to eat abit more today, but every evening meal is disasterous.

Very tender to the throat, it feels quite swollen again today. Ive checked it out in the mirror and i can see bits of pink flesh under the white rankness, im assuming that the scabs are starting to drop and the pink skin is my new raw flesh underneath. God i’ll be glad when this goes, especially the earaches which are as bold as brass still.


Managed to keep myself pretty upbeat today, cleared the front garden and kept myself busy doing my favourite hobby….entering online competitions.

Lastnight was horrific, i laid awake from about 11:30pm-1am in the worst pain i have ever experienced, worse thanĀ  labour pains with my son. Id taken above my quota of medications for the day and yet was left in the worst pain i have ever experienced. I ended up phoning the out of hours doctors at 1am and they advised me to take Oramorph for the pain.

I darent say the medicine wasnt mine and was actually a bottle we had left over from my fiances motorbike accident, so i took some. Not the 5ml they suggested but 7ml instead. I was desperate! DesperateĀ to sleep and desperate to rid myslef of the pain.The pain was overwhelming and crippling me, tears ran down my face as even breathing and moving hurt. I cant find words to explain the pain, there is none!!!

I think i managed to settle off at about 2am, and then once again at 5:45am i woke to more pain. Its a joke, i honestly never expected this degree of pain. Im not sure how much more of it i can take if im brutally honest!!!

Even the nurse on the phone in the middle of the night said a tonsillectomy recovery is one of the most awful pains to experience. Its hell, a living bloody hell!!

I’ve spend most of the day lounging around, i didnt get out of my jims untils around 11am, and didnt leave the house until gone 4pm. Ive felt grim allday and this evenings pain is already starting to settle in nicely, and once again i have taken the recommended amount of drugs for the day. Im holding out taking the Oramorph until tonight, i need to sleep.