Its day 5 today, and i have finally been for a poo! It was getting to the point that i though i might need some meds to sort this shit out (quite literally) but thankfully natures seems to have taken its own course. So lastnight was the family meal, even eating icecream hurt my throat, it was quite frankly a disaster. Lastnights sleep was no walk in the park eaither to be honest, i managed to wake about 5 times in sheer agony, my ears hurting so badly that the pillow felt like stone. I know i’am only supposed to take my anti inflammororys three times again but i had to take them once in the night aswell.

I dont think i have even felt so miserable, the pain in really quite unbearable at times, and where have these earaches come from? The doctors never mentioned this in the recovery information.

My partner phoned erlier, his almost walked out of his job today. This has been an ongoing problem for sometime now and its starting to get me down a little bit. I really feel for Dean, he is a hardworker and his new employer of 3months has really taken this piss. You see…..

Dean had a motorbike accident 3 days into starting his new job, it was a hit and run and he suffered a broken collarbone,fractured ribs and nerve damage to his left hip. So therefore was signed off sick of 6 weeks, since his been back at work the employer has been a total arsehole, talking down at Dean, swearing at him and making him feel worthless and rundown. This is now the third time in 3 months Dean has considered walking out of this job. We keep applying for new jobs but its a tough call, there isnt alot about at the moment.