I wake up Friday morning and i feel like death, my throat feels like its doubled in size and yet feels like ive had most of it removed at the same time. I take a sneaky glance in the mirror at it, and god i wish i hadnt. Its looks revolting! Its white and grey and looks like its rotting.

My toungue is thick and white and despite brushing my teeth 3 times i cant get rid of a vile tatse in my mouth. My partner is back at work today, so im on my own with our two year old son. Its full on, and im starting to think this wasnt such a wise idea. Come lunch time i feel extremely nauseous, on a few occasions i think im going to throw up right there and then, then the fear of the pain of being sick with my throat as raw as it is overcomes the feels of nausea. I manage to eat a packet of crisps and two hard boiled eggs but its a struggle and takes about 45 mins to eat just that.

Im thankfull when my little boy has finished his lunch because it means he will lay on the sofa and nap for 2 hours, im desperate to sleep. Im overwelmed by the tiredness, i can barely keep my eyes open so i curl up on the other sofa and fall asleep. When i wake my throat feels hideous, so dry and sore from where ive been asleep. I cant bare it, im in tears as i feel so sick. I knew today was going to be too much, too soon.


I call my partner at work, asking him to come home an hour early, i feel terrible. The nausea is crippling me and so is the pain. Im sitting on the sofa crying my eyes out, i can barely talk and i wish i could turn back time and never had this operation done.


Within 15 minutes my other half is home and we trundle off to the doctors surgery, as soon as i get into the doctors room i tell him ive had a tonsillectomy and he said “oh, thats not nice” so reassuring that this is possibly the worst pain ive ever experienced, worse than labour!! (at least that only lasted a few hours)

He takes a ganders at my throat and tells me to stop taking the Ibroprofen and Codine the hospital sent me home with and to start taking Diclofenac along side Paracetamol. Nothing seems to touch this pain so im keeping everything crossed that this works!!