I woke at 5am this morning, with my tender throat feeling like a quarry, equipped with the miners hacking away!!

I didnt manage to get my pain relief under control until about 1pm, and it only seems to have lasted until 7pm. It sucks! To be honest im fed up and my throat feels like its closing up. My tounge achs and hurts and my throat feels like hell. The family meal was a disatser tonight, not only did my two year old son cry the whole way through but i got half way through my meal and couldnt eat anymore. There in front of me sat a roast beef dinner and it looked and smelt divine. Yet every bit was a nightmare, my mouth hurting so badly i was wincing at the pain. I couldnt eat anymore than a few carrots and one roast potato. I would have been better company if id have stayed at home.

I even tried to eat ice cream for desert and that was hellish too. I feel like giving up today. Im so sore.